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Blog Retirement

Running two blogs was an interesting experiment, but this one just isn’t getting enough love. I’ll be posting everything over here from now on.  

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Virtual Education Hangout in Google Plus

This is going to be a weekly event. The first one is this Thursday at 8:00 PM. Note that you’ll need to circle this group (and be circled by it in turn) in order to participate.  All are welcome. We’ll … Continue reading

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Virtual Education Unit I: Blogs

The first unit in my Virtual Education series is now live at Amazon.  These units are short, hands-on lessons on education technology aimed at working educators. The series as a whole will be handled MOOC-style. The texts have links to … Continue reading

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New ebooks blog

I’ve started another blog for ebook stuff. General ed tech hackery and random thoughts will continue to appear here.

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Bulk Downloading Google Web Fonts for local use

Google Web Fonts is a very large collection of freely-distributable fonts (some great, some not so great :-)). They provide a variety of methods for using these in your web pages, which are all fine if you need just a … Continue reading

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Pure HTML5/JavaScript color picker for Webkit

Touch/mobile-friendly. No Flash. No external images. No reliance on external frameworks (such as jQuery). No CSS (style to suit yourself). Self-contained JavaScript object (should work without interfering with any framework you’re using). Enjoy.  

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Dynamic Generation and Injection of CSS Using Data URIs

This snippet illustrates how to generate and parse CSS dynamically.  

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What I Did on My Winter Vacation

You can now build your own installable web apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android  at: (update: the web apps will also work in the Kindle Fire browser, but as yet I haven’t found a way to install them to the home … Continue reading

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What is the modern equivalent of BASIC?

In this post, Mark Guzdial brings up an issue that’s generated a fair amount of interest in recent years.  The old-school personal computers — Apple II, Atari, Commodore — all came with a free, and built-in, BASIC interpreter. BASIC even … Continue reading

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Project-Based Learning: Ur Doin It Wrong

It’s always been mystifying to me why some equate a constructivist/constructionist/project-based/inquiry-based approach to education with “teacher doesn’t have to do any work” (actually, I’m pretty sure why some people are fond of that idea, but we won’t go there).  Some … Continue reading

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